Community Nectar Workshops

In a honeybee colony, a honeybee moves through sequential roles in her community. She begins as a house bee. Her final role is to fly out into the sunlit world as a forager. The forager bee collects nectar from flowers and stores it in her belly. Then she returns home and delivers it to her hive community, where the house bees distill the nectar into honey, preserved for collective well-being into the future.
We are grateful for all the wisdom that has been foraged and cultivated by members of our community. In Nectar Share Sessions, we invite our local Community Members to offer Sunday afternoon workshops, and share with us their learnings, their practices, their passion and insight, with the intention that their offerings contribute to collective wellbeing, and uplifting of the future generations. Heartbeat Learning Gardens focuses our education on ecology, sustainable agriculture, healing arts, and healing justice.
3rd Sunday of each month June-October.
June 21,
July 19,
August 16,
September 20,
October 18

1:00-4:00PM; $30 a person. Limited to 14 guests

We save 2 seats for youth participants (ages 12-22), and encourage more to attend. We invite adults to sponsor youths to be able to attend these sessions.

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