Heartbeat Learning Gardens

So that we all may thrive

Heartbeat Gardens is a 501(c)3 non-profit farm.

We are responding to the immediate needs of local food insecurity by donating all of our organic produce to food pantries.

We are working towards the long-term health of our community and ecosystem by teaching others how to grow food and herbs in this habitat using methods that support a vital ecosystem for generations to come.

After 15 Harvests, Heartbeat

has donated over 5122 lbs. of organic produce

from our gardens to our local food pantries.

(updated: October 4, 2021)

Learning Gardens

We offer educational opportunities on sustainable agriculture, ecology, and herb-crafting. This occurs through workshops, volunteer opportunities, and Community Days.

Healing Gardens

Over the years we have come to know that being in the garden and sharing meals together is a healing pathway from the root up. We remember our belonging through this communal care of one another and our living landscape.

Additionally, learning to work with food and herbs from the garden to create family and community health, and doing it in a way that contributes to a thriving ecosystem, engages us in a process of co-healing with one another and our landscape.

Community Gardens

Through our educational programming, hundreds of pounds of food is produced. We are responding to food insecurity in our region by donating all our fresh, organic produce to our local food pantries, while also working towards a long-term vision of a strong local food economy accessible to all.

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