Hive Dreaming
Harvesting the Nectar from Within

Hive Dreaming is a 5-week course in dream-tending. It is an opportunity for self-exploration and creativity within intentional community space. The Honeybee and the Hive is our central motif.  In each course there will be: 

  • A teaching about Honeybee culture and mythos
  • Experiential practices in dream-tending that are body-centered and engage the creative imagination 
  • Opportunity for each person to share a dream and have a group reflection
  • And weekly dreaming intentions

 Dreamwork is a process of opening up doors and building relationship with the wisdom of our personal, collective, and ecological unconscious. We do this work to build our capacity to heal, to connect, and to create. We look to the Honeybee as ancient ally and guide in the healing and oracular art of dream-tending.

October 28 – November 23, Mondays 6-8 PM

$100 Series Fee

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Our offerings are guided by community interest. What’s a workshop topic you would be inspired to attend?