Feasts of Wonderment

Wonderment – a state of awed admiration or respect; 
a cause of or  occasion for wonder; inspired curiosity
Astonishment; Amazement

There is so much to be in awe of in our Earth and Cosmos. If we are not paying attention, we will miss the wildly creative, ever-present miracles all around us. In these celebrations, we are choosing to enter into collective wonderment at the science, myth, and metaphor of diverse expressions of Life. We are opting for our species to take a humble seat and let the non-human world be the center of our reverence.

      Not only will we be feasting on delicious meals from Heartbeat’s gardens, we will feast on community expressions of fascinating facts, personal stories of encounter, retellings of myth, folklore and legend, poetry, song, movement and visual art on our source of wonderment for that month.

June Wonderment –Rose
(June 13)

July Wonderment –Garlic
(July 11)

August WondermentMonarch
(August 8)

September WondermentChestnut
(September 12)

October Wonderment – Apple (Dedicated to Terry)
(October 10)

5:00-9:00PM Welcome Intro, Potluck, Community Expressions of Wonderment

2nd Saturday of Each month June-October

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