Community Days 2021

Heartbeat Community Days

Join us for a day of community creativity and learning in the gardens!

We are inviting folks to visit and tour Heartbeat’s mosaic of gardens, participate in hands-on learning activities, and have an opportunity to purchase hand-crafted items from the gardens. This includes seasonal herbal products and food items from our gardens.

Tours – 11am-2pm
Herbal Craftshop – 2pm – 4pm
(herbal pre-registration required)
  • Sunday June 27
  • Saturday July 31
  • Sunday August 29 : Tincture-Making in Folk Herbalism with Nicole Manieri
  • Sunday September 19: Broths and Syrups for Fall Wellness with Amy Chavez

July’s Herbal Workshop: Teas and Treats: A Sensory Experience through Elemental Herbalism

Facilitated by Bee Bermond Including:

– Learn how to build relationship with the plants and harvest with reverence
– Enjoy fresh herbal tea infused with love
– Craft smoke wands to take home
– Connect with our bodies through the 5 elemental archetypes

Local Handcrafts for sale

Support local artists by purchasing their handcrafted items. We will have herbal and culinary goodies from the gardens for sale. And local artists will bring their creations for sale, trade, and offering. Including, music, fiber arts, visual arts, and garden crafts.

Garden Tours

Meander through our mosaic of learning gardens: Vegetable Gardens with perennial strips of fruit and nut trees, and berries; Pollinator Gardens; Herbal Gardens; Beeyard; Chicken Paddock; Wildlife Sanctuary

Whole Food Preparation Demonstrations

Between 2-4PM we will be offering herbal and culinary preparation demonstrations, including making herbal vinegars, making skin ointments, infused oils, drying herbs for teas and steams, making oxymels, and electuaries.

June’s Community Day:

Uplifting the Long-Term Health of Our Community and Ecosystem

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