Community Days 2022

Heartbeat Community Days

Join us for a day of community in the gardens!

We are inviting folks to visit and tour Heartbeat’s mosaic of gardens and participate in hands-on learning activities.

Garden Tours – 11am-2pm

Herbal Craftshop – 2pm – 4pm
(herbal pre-registration required)
In these herbal craftshops, we will enter the garden, greet the medicine plants, and co-create remedies for your home apothecary. Participants will learn plant identification, mindful harvesting techniques, plant virtues, and basics in herbal crafting for home health care.

To pre-register, send us an email ( with your name and contact information. You can offer a donation through our website or cash / check on the day of the event. Thank you!

  • Saturday July 16: Herbal Vinegars and Honeys
  • Saturday August 27 : Tincture-Making in Folk Herbalism
  • Sunday September 24: Syrups and Steams

Local Handcrafts for sale

We will have herbal and culinary goodies from the gardens for sale.

Garden Tours

Meander through our mosaic of learning gardens: Vegetable Gardens with perennial strips of fruit and nut trees, and berries; Pollinator Gardens; Herbal Gardens; Beeyard; Chicken Paddock; Wildlife Sanctuary

Herbal Craftshop

Between 2-4PM we will be offering hands-on herbal education. The content of the craftshop is determined by what the gardens are offering up at that time.

Previous Community Days:

Uplifting the Long-Term Health of Our Community and Ecosystem

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