Andrew, Co-Director
As part of a philosophical quest to understand the basic work that sustains us, Andrew decided to visit and work on a few farms during his college years. This turned into a multi-year journey across North America, in which he worked on over 100 farms. By the time he settled in Yellow Springs, he had developed a deep love of nature, a knowledge of horticulture, and a desire to live simply with a cooperative group of people that grew food to meet their own needs and the needs of the
land itself.

Nicole, Co- Director
Nicole Manieri lives with her family at Heartbeat Learning Gardens. She enjoys creating community spaces where we can learn, share, and awaken our sense of wonder and communion with the natural world within and around us.  She leads seasonal classes on herbcrafting from our habitat, song medicine, and dream-tending. She is an expressive artist, beginner bee-tender, and committed to a practice in the healing intersection of personal, social, and ecological justice.

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